About us

«Iva Nova is the coolest Russian female band», writes Russian Rolling Stone Magazine.

The four ladies of Iva Nova are inspired by Slavic folk music, but they give their music also a very personal touch. A rather wild touch, we might add.

Don't expect traditional Russian folk, these ladies rock a little too hard for that. Their sonic expression is girlish and playful, yet feminine and proud.

And if the accordion player picks up her accordion, she makes you dream of the Russian soul. But when Iva Nova start organ, effects and reverb, they bring you right back to the big city and its exciting urban feeling.

The band was formed in 2002 in St. Petersburg, and traveled to Western Europe for the first time in 2004, after the release of their debut album. Ever since, they've been touring extensively, playing in numerous clubs and festivals in many countries.

Besides lyrics in Russian Iva Nova have songs in Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Georgian languages. Along with exploiting endless folklore resources they creatively experiment with many other styles. The amazing live show of Iva Nova is a colourful mix of lyrical songs and energetic punk dances – that’s pure musical anarchy!

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Band history

IVA NOVA band was formed in the summer of 2002 in St. Petersburg as a result of a split of the «Babsley» girl formation, founded earlier by drummer Ekaterina Fedorova. Together with her, Inna Lishenkevich (guitar), Vera Ogareva (vocal), Elena Stankevich (Novikova) (bass) and Elena Zhornik (bayan) it was the first line-up of IVA NOVA.

The first public performance of the band was successfully held on September 7, 2002 in legendary St. Petersburg club «Moloko».

The first album «Iva Nova» was released in 2003.

Experimenting with folk songs (Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian), IVA NOVA created her own unique sound.

In 2004 and 2005, there were big changes in the band members - Anastasia Postnikova (vocals), Elnara Shafigullina (accordion) and Ekaterina Grigorieva (bass guitar) joined the group.

But since 2008, after another transformation, Natalia Potapenko is playing the accordion. On bass guitar (from 2008 to 2010) was playing Ksenia Vasilyeva, then Natalia Nazarova (from 2010 to 2013).

In the next albums («Chemodan», «Treat Tenderly»), the band evolves from its early reckless folk-punk to exclusively author's material, while maintaining the turbo-energy of walking Russian folk, combined with powerful electronic rhythms, industrial sounds.

In June 2012, guitarist Inna Lishenkevich left the band, and IVA NOVA became a quartet. In 2014, the band was recording their album «Krutila Pila» already in an updated line-up - after an 8-year break, the first bassist Elena Novikova returns to the band.

As Vladimir Impaler noted in Folk rock magazine: «During its history, the folk-rock band from St. Petersburg “thrown off its skin” at least three times, and with each new line-up returned no less interesting. And now, on the first album after the departure of the vocalist / guitarist Inna Lishenkevich, when the surprise from the previously unfamiliar image and sound passes, you feel - the ladies hit the mark again!»

In 2014, Galina Kiseleva (bass, backing vocals) joined the band. Since then, the members of IVA NOVA have not changed.

In 2018, the fifth album «Uba Hoba» is released. «There is something magical in the cheerful punk of St. Petersburg rock shamans, which this time “turns with a slight movement of the hand” into a rather serious, not frowning, but uninhibited electronic folk-industrial. IVA NOVA has conjured up an album of addictive and mesmerizing songs, confirming that this group is a "must listen", whatever their style is called. Uba Hoba has a very “feminine” atmosphere, but never a plush, candy-marmalade atmosphere. Folk-punk, which encyclopedias promise, is getting smaller, it is being replaced by an equally confident art-punk» (Alexander Tomanov).

Ex members

Vera Ogareva - vocal (2002-2005)
Inna Lishenkevich - vocal, guitars (2002-2012)
Elena Zornik - bajan (2002-2006)
Elena Novikova - bass (2002-2005)
Elnara Shafigullina - accordeon (2006-2008)
Ekaterina Grigorieva - bass (2005-2008)
Ksenia Vasilieva - bass (2008-2010)
Natalia Nazarova - bass (2008-2013)